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A Tall Tale…

As the story goes, Tall Guy Brewing has been a dream of mine since college.
I first became interested in beermaking as a microbiology student at Cal Poly, when I came across homebrewing in a textbook. I’d always been fascinated with microbes, and I liked drinking beer, but I’d never thought much about the production of it. I became intrigued. Growing up, my dad had brewed beer in our kitchen, so I collected his old equipment and started brewing myself, sharing my results with my appreciative dorm buddies.  Read More . . .

Beer Menu

7/11/2024 Tap Menu

Freshly Brewed

Sympathy For The Dubbel

Please allow me to introduce Sympathy for the Dubbel, a classic dartk, strong ale originally brewed by Belgian monks. This rich brew is built to style with imported Belgian ingredients. Caramelized Belgian malts give the beer a beautiful deep red color. Monastic yeast provides fruity esters typical of the style and the use of dark Belgian Candi sugar serves to dry the body and drive up the alcohol content. Sympathy is strong and malty with a dry finish and a deceptive alcoholic punch.

7.75% ABV / 30 IBU

Sleepy London Porter

A classic English-style porter brewed with 100% imported UK malts & hops. Served on nitro, Maris Otter malt is the backbone of this creamy brew. The translucent darkness is derived from dark crystal, brown & black malts. Hopping is UK Challenger and UK Target varieties, providing a balancing bitterness to this very approachable porter. Worth the wait of the slower nitro pour.

5% ABV / 32 IBU

Pat’s Pale Ale

An old-school, 1980’s-style Pale Ale. Brewed with Two-Row and Caramel Malt. Late-Hopped with Chinook.

5.3% ABV / 40 IBU

Munoz especial

A Mexican-style lager, this light-bodied, light-colored brew is typical of domestic examples on the market. Can be considered a Vienna lager as Brewmasters of central Europe brought their practices when they migrated to the New World in the 19th century & established breweries in Mexico. Cold-brewed, crisp & refreshing.

4.85 ABV / 18 IBU

Tumbling Rice

Tumbling Rice is a Japanese Rice Lager. Brewed with flaked rice, this beer is very light, crisp and crushable. Sorachi Ace hops, created for Sapporro Beer in the 1980’s gives Tumbling Rice a delicious lemon-citrus finish.

5.25% ABV / 21 IBU

High & Dry Brut IPA

Brut IPA, as the name would imply, is a dry-bodied beer. Brewing techniques leave less carbohydrates behind and increase fermentability which allow the hops to really pop. The classic combo of Citra and Mosaic hops create a bright citrusy finish to this imminently drinkable brew which will satisfy the hop heads.

7% ABV / 30 IBU.

Beast of Burton IPA

Beast of Burton is a recreation of the original India Pale Ales that were brewed in Burton-On-Trent in central England in 1820’s. Extra Pale Maris Otter Malt produces a very pale beer with very high alcohol. The use of 100% East Kent Goldings hops in the kettle and again dry-hopped in the fermenter, gives this beer a unique lemony hop character. The dry, thirst-quenching finish belies its high content of alcohol.

8.25% ABV / 70 IBU

Under Assistant West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA is a subgroup of the traditional IPA. This style, made popular in San Diego, is bitter, bold and hoppy. There is no balance here, UAWC IPA is all about hops with only light-colored Two-Row malt included in the grist. Modern hopping techniques and citrus-forward hops create a beer that is very aromatic. You’ll get tropical fruit flavors, especially mango, from the abundance of hops used to make the beer.

7.5% ABV / 48 IBU.

Hazy Mama IPA

Hazy Mama is a modern Hazy IPA with heavy tropical and citrus aromas from heavy doses of late hops to the whirlpool and multiple doses of dry hops to the fermenter. The classic hazy hops, Citra and Mosaic, are joined by Roy Farms Azacca and Australia’s Galaxy hops. Raw Wheat and Rolled Oats in the grist contribute the haze in the glass and silky texture on the tongue.

6.3% ABV / 45 IBU


A hard seltzer which can be taken straight or with a shot of Torani-brand fruit syrup. Crisp, light and spritzy; a refreshing and delicious cocktail. Ask your beertender for syrup options.

5% ABV / 0 IBU

Food Menu

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The Braggel Dog

collaboration from four Fort Bragg businesses
A Bagel Dog
freshly made by Fort Bragg Bakery
with Roundman’s Smoke House sausage
served with specialty mustard from Carol Hall’s Kitchen

Soft Bavarian Pretzel

Freshly made by Fort Bragg Bakery with dough containing Tall Guy Beer.             -Salted or Seeded options available-

Order Free Delivery From:  Cucina Verona   –   Bear’s Pizza   –   Asian Fusion

Food Trucks Daily (free delivery):  Taqueria Los Primos   –   Alley Grill

Pop-Up Kitchen Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Monday Night:

 Cucina Verona

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